Being able to write well is a superpower.
It helps you think more clearly, express
your ideas more creatively, present your
arguments more persuasively, lose weight, feel sexier and have better skin.* Our
‘serious play’ approach gets serious
results. Here are three flavours of workshop people ask us for a lot:

*Not all of these are true

Simple writing for smart people

There's no Magic Formula(TM) to being able to write well. But after 20 years of working with renowned authors, journalists and copywriters, I've seen first hand the techniques they all use. And I've distilled it all into this one day workshop. Among other things, we'll look at:

- How readers process information (or don’t)
- Finding the heart of an idea;
- Structuring and signposting;
- Saying things clearly and simply (Without ‘dumbing-down’)
- Editing and sense-checking;

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This. Is. Storytelling.

IF storytelling is so powerful, how come it's all so confusing?. It's because we jumble up all sorts of ideas about storytelling – from neuroscience to Hollywood script stuff to that thing about the 'hero's journey'.

After a career spent helping people tell brilliant stories, Nick also worked with John Yorke, former Head of Drama at Channel 4 and author of  Into The Woods: How Stories Work and Why We Tell Them. From this, we've created the definitive storytelling workshop for business communicators. We'll cover:

Knowing stories: the essential 'grammar' of stories everyone needs to know
Telling stories: how to bring stories alive so everyone wants to know 'what happens next?'
Using stories: What stories can – and can't do. And which ones to use, when.

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Creative shakedown

If you’re stuck in a rut, or having to write the same things day in and day out, then let’s shake things up. We’ll spend time getting stuck into some serious play, and giving your team fresh ideas and inspiration. Including:

- Identifying our own creative ‘sticking points’;
- Using constraints to find new perspectives;
- Going beyond your 'expertise' into uncharted territory;
- Finding ideas and inspiration in unexpected places;

There's no set plan. We'll design every workshop from scratch. (Why would you trust us if we had an 'off the peg' approach to creative innovation?).

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