Find your voice. Speak to the world.

Great brands have strong voices.
But pinning down exactly what you’re after can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put a decade of know-how into Voicebox, the world’s first Do-It-Yourself tone of voice method. So now you can create, define and apply your own tone of voice for yourself.

At last – a practical way to think about tone of voice that’s simple yet sophisticated. Use it now.

Robert Jones,
Author of The Big Idea, strategist at Wolff Olins,
and founding professor of UEA’s brand leadership MA.

More distinctiveness. More clarity.
VOICEBOX gives you a radically simple step-by-step approach to follow. First, you’ll get to know the 11 Primary Voices – the fundamental styles or ‘archetypes’ that underpin all great brand writing. This gives you a really clear and simple way of seeing the range of voices that are available to you.

Simple, practical tools to use
VOICEBOX is full of creative exercises and tools – including the tone of voice tarot cards – and dozens of real examples from some of the world’s best brands, to help you work out which of the 11 Primary Voices best suit you or your client.

Create truly unique voices
You’ll learn how to blend the 11 Primary Voices together, and also add a ‘magic touch’ to create genuinely unique voices for the brands you’re working with – no matter whether they’re small, fun start-ups, or established corporate organisations.

Powerful. Playful. And in a lovely box.
VOICEBOX has been designed to be super-simple and lots of fun to use. It comes in a box, like a game. There are cards to play with, creative exercises to do, handouts to share, and tons of real examples from the world’s best brands.

Run brilliant workshops
VOICEBOX gives you loads of guidance on how to use the tools and exercises to run workshops with your team so you can get everyone who needs to be involved in the process participating.

Powered by a decade of insight and detail
VOICEBOX is based on a decade of helping brands of all sizes – from global corporations to shoe-string start-ups – find their voice and speak to the world. The kit has also been fully road-tested by an army of brands and copywriters, so we know everything works smoothly.

Ironically, I’m lost for words about how good Voicebox is. I couldn’t believe the clarity and focus it brought to our business.

Ben Hampson


What you get in the box

Three handbooks
These take you step by step through the process of planning a tone of voice project, using the creative tools for finding a voice, and then bringing that voice to life.


99 tone of voice tarot cards
The cards help you work out which of the Primary Voices are right for the brand you’re working with. You can shuffle them, group them, order them – anything you like. Then turn them over, and they’ll nudge you in the direction of the right Primary Voices for you. They’ve been described as ‘a facilitator’s dream’. They always kick-start really useful conversations in workshops, and clients love playing around with them.

The 11 Primary Voices
These are the heart of VOICEBOX. You get a set of 11 ‘placards’ printed on thick, high-quality cards, with a description of each voice – written in that voice. They’re perfect for putting up on a workshop wall.

 Powered by the 11 Primary Voices

The Formalizer
This is a super-handy little guide that helps you work out where your brand’s voice lies on the formal-to-informal scale.

Dozens real life examples from the world’s best brands
We’ve spent months gathering the very best – and freshest – examples of brands with great tones of voice, from UK, Europe and the USA. Each one comes with notes and analysis pointing out what’s going on, and which of the Primary Voices it uses. (Each is one a separate sheet, to make them easy to share and shuffle around – and so we can send you new examples for your pack in the future!).

And tons of creative exercises
There are creative exercises to help you bring to life each of the 11 Primary Voices – including full instructions for how to run them with a group, and how to use what you find out.


What others are saying

We didn’t know where to start in finding out tone of voice for JBL. That all changed when Nick introduced us to the 11 primary voices. They showed the different tones of voice – and more importantly, they made us realise very quickly that JBL was an ‘energizer’ and ‘warm friend’. This was our light bulb moment.’
Lewis Hughes, JBL.

Thinking inside this particular box is to be recommended. Voicebox makes finding a tone of voice for any brand quick, simple and enjoyable.
Robert Poynton, On Your Feet.

Ironically, I’m lost for words about how good Voicebox is. I couldn’t believe the clarity and focus it brought to our business. I can see it being invaluable for any company.
Ben Hampson. BJ Hampson Copywriting.


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