1. ‘Can you help us define our tone of voice?’

Do you need to define your voice for the first time? Refresh one you’ve already got? We’d love to help. We can work with you directly, or you can use Voicebox if you’d like to take our approach and do it yourself.

2. ‘Can you help us get our story straight?’

Stories. Elevator pitches. Messaging. Narratives. These kinds of ‘strategic’ words are the hardest few sentences most organisations ever have to write. We can help you clarify your thinking, and express it in a way that’s simple, memorable, and usable.

3. ‘Can you help us untangle this fiendish word-knot?’

Are you filling your customers’ lives with serious words that are seriously confusing? End user agreements you hope they’ll just ‘accept’. Contracts they’re filing under ‘baffling’. Small print that’s making them weep. Have a read of our open letter to Apple on this subject. Then send us a message.

4. ‘Can you help us become better writers?’

From email to PowerPoint to reports to social. Everyone’s a writer at work now. Yet many people find writing one of the hardest parts of their job. We’ve trained thousands of people to write more effectively. Check out the workshops we run most often.

5. ‘Can you shake us out of our rut?’

You write the same words, on the same subjects, every single day. Your messages are feeling dull and your sentences are getting stale. And if you’re boring yourself, you know you’ll be boring your customers too. You need a refresher, a zinger, a blast of fresh thinking. Let’s shake things up.

6. ‘Hey Nick, will you come and speak at our event?’

I’d love to. Among other things, I’ve got 1,000-seater theatres writing poetry, and a room of 300 lawyers writing on bananas. The Economist conferences said ‘Nick is consistently voted one of our best speakers – he’s funny, insightful and energetic’. Which was nice of them.

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