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    A small amount of small print

    Like every other website on the planet, we use cookies. Cookies are little text files that websites put on your computer to help them work properly (for example, by knowing what browser you’re using), gather information about visitors (like how long you spent looking at a site), and to do other helpful things (such as auto-filling your details into order forms). We gather the minimum amount of anonymous information about you, just so we can check things like how many visitors we’ve had, and what pages people are looking at. Nothing else. That’s all our small print. If you’re really into terms and conditions check out our Open Letter to Apple. It’s all about how we think their terms and conditions could change the world. Our registered address is Cobweb Building, The Lane, Lyford, Wantage, OX12 0EE. (Don’t send post there, though). Our company number is 10375750

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