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Hello. We’re a language strategy agency. We help brands find their voice, tell their stories, and explain their things. We run ‘really flipping brilliant’* workshops, and we invented Voicebox, the ‘game-changing’* kit that helps you develop a tone of voice yourself. We can help. How?

*so say our clients.

Find your voice. Speak to the world.

Voicebox is our ‘game-changing’ tone of voice method.
Simple, powerful , playful. And in a box.
Everything you need to run your own tone of voice project.

Things we’re thinking about

Infinite Library of Babel

In 1941, the Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges wrote a story called ‘The Library of Babel’.

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The man who changed the words

I have taken the existence of John Simmons for granted. 

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The 5 genius out of office auto-replies that will turbo-charge your personal brand this summer

Every week or so I sent out a newsletter. Which means that every week, I get back a couple of dozen out of office auto-replies

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The invisible voice

Many businesses want to nail their tone of voice because they’re trying to capture...

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The real reason(s) I made Voicebox

So, VOICEBOX - the super-simple-do-it-yourself-tone-of-voice-method wot I created  is now making its way in the world. How far? To...

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The bank that likes to smiley

Hey Harry. Before we get stuck in – could you just explain Monzo for...

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Find your voice. Nudge everything.

(Note: I wrote this for Brand Quarterly a while back. Reposting here for y'all.)...

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The age of Innocent is over

For at least the last decade, Innocent Drinks’ cosy-chatty-witty tone has been the default...

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Listen. I can’t play the trumpet

Last Friday I was the ‘musical director’ of Inexpert 2018, ‘a social experiment disguised as...

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Don’t call me a ‘takeaway cup’

SO, MPs ARE CALLING for a tax on takeaway cups. Good. We chuck away 2.5 billion of them a year in the UK – of which less than 0.25% can be recycled.

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What storytelling and project management have in common.

Dammit brand and marketing folk, we need to get better at talking about stories.

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An open letter to Apple

Hey Apple, I have a challenge for you.

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Flushing hell

The other day I went to the bathroom in Prufrock’s coffee shop on Leather Lane. (Amazing coffee. Mixed feelings about the ‘latte art’ course). The toilet had a big flush handle on the side. And on the top of the cistern was this sticker:

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All at sea without a brief

You hardly need another precis of the whole marvellous saga. So let’s get down to it

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